Britney Baltimore, discreet busty blonde

I am so excited for 2016

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        My sweet and beautiful girlfriend Nikki and I are planning some fun tours! She is so wonderful and every time we hangout or have a session together...always sexy and pleasant. So thankful we met and vibe so well together in work and in life!

         I am loving my image and the type of classy, attentive, all around awesome clients it brings me. I find myself wet when I think about all the  types of special fantasies I have recently been experiencing. For example, always loved domination, mixing tease and denial with the intense desire to have a release...MMMMMM.... I am becoming quite the amateur masseuse- learning about NURU/irritant free body massage bars appeals to the cosmetologist in me. My new gfe menu options is allows me to be more intimate and just more myself. That in turn makes the time more enjoyable for us both. 

I do feel something is missing. I want you to direct me. Watch me. Get hard from it. I want to do more webcam shows! I need new laptop... then it is ON!